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Annually !! International Children Love Water 2014 ! International Children's Month June

In Full Swing ! !! Mark you calendars for June 21st at 1:11 pm in every time zone for the first ever Children's Global Wave of Love ~ Children and guardians across the globe in collective intention 
"Children across the globe in love, care and respect."

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Thank you for supporting something that is truly beautifully love in action. hl

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dar la luz * share the light

As the world's people wake up to love and care, we are here.  


Here love blooms further, as we co create our own reality, and we know our thoughts make this life what it is. Love based, centered spaced, prosperous, abundant, holding the light for all to bloom and grow. 13 frequency's.  Yes beloveds. The great gathering. If you are new to Heidi, in brief, she is a mother of two, pure starchild, lightworker, think tank artist, Children's empowerment coach, who sings and write's songs of love.  Taking ONE the message from Mother Earth around the world.The founder of International Children's Month Year Long Initiative with it's highlight month of ( JUNE ). Co founder of The Book Of Honor with Honoring The Circle council directing it's growth, Co founder of Our Mother Earth Constitution, The founder of Little Method Children's Theater, and the founder of One Clothing. She is here to help ease the transition for humanity, for joy, for movement , for children, for all to dance as ONE  as we journey through our awakening. 25 years of  love ly audiences, friends, music, venues, transformation and growth. Together, we set this place free.  Shine on love lights.
 Dar La Luz.

Heidi Little is a 'for cause' singer/songwriter, star seed. She swore her life to the light and the earth. A lover and children's supporter, who writes music that caresses the heart and soul, in truth and love. 

Power & Light Featuring "Butterfly", "Shine", "The Peace Song", "Take Back", "Yes" and JUST ADDED 'ONE" and THE CHRISTMAS SONG ! Have you heard of the newest way to buy music ... the virtual album, direct to itunes imports, and a virtual experience you will love !

"Compilation Album "Light Of Venus" Featuring "The Way", "You Said" "Butterfly" The Peace Song ( formerly known as War or No More War") and more ! Video's updated in real time, photo's, lyrics, presents .. yes aha we're going to make peace today. Yes aha , we're going to do it our way.
Heidi is working on a new album.Here is a little taste of what's coming through.. "Soul" 

Soul, unplugged and unedited.  Channeled on January 27th, 2014. Enjoy blooming.


Hard Won Lessons in Life transform to
sonic beauty, peace and light. From
World, AAA, Pop, Folk, Rock, alternative and country:
Heidi's music moves and inspires the world to rise-up and unite.
25 years of dancing, performances, and love for the rising
generation, of people who realize.
Love is who we are.
Peace is inside we.
It's all about the light.
We've seen the darkness time to be free.

From Heidi about POWER & LIGHT
 Power & Light. A five song EP, that took five years to make. Every word crafted to support our freedom and peace. Hit songs caress the senses like “No More War”, 2011 tested on the Independent Artists Charts and a full year at #1 in all genres and #1 in Rock, and it hadn’t even been released yet. Radio pick SHINE, Heidi’s favorite BUTTERFLY, coupled with TAKE BACK and the audience participation song YES co written with bluegrass mandolin player Daun Reuter, these are the songs of change, transformation and love, for years of love, festivals and concerts to come.
“ Power & Light is love.” Recorded, engineered and co produced by Todd Taz Anthony of Tropical Heat Studio’s ( Bantango “From The Hip”, Spinning Chain, Brent Mccormick) except YES recorded at Ripdebois Records in the Adirondacks of New York.

" U Got It. U Go For It. " Willie Nelson

" Heidi Little is the real deal. She walks the talk and she is her music."
" Authentic, with a great voice, keep singing your soul dove."

A Message from Heidi :
Who am I ? a lover, a mother, a messenger who loves her earth, 8 billion and our children's future.. and it just so happens my gift is of universaL song. I would like to thank you for taking time out of your beautiful life to come and listen :) I invite any organization that is committed to love, care, peace, environment and serving others, to partner with International Children Love Water/ International Children's Month June.  A platform that is unifying.  Gratitude I am.  Love and light and many thanks for your important voice. Heidi Little