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Heidi Little We are love
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Hard won lessons in life, transform to sonic, peace, love and light.
Music, education, production and more
co created to help even the score

Lasting transformation...
You are a gift.
Together we rise. 

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It is such a beautiful life to live

Breathing creating loving

So many experiences yet to be had

opportunities overflowing

The beautiful bestness of your heart light

and the stars above 

eagles flying

Forever eternal and grace my love

blessings apon you for trying 

Heidi Litle Essentials

Book Heidi Little

Timeless, beautiful, music and self love presentations.

Heidi Little is going on her new book "Child of the Heart," conference tour and We Are Arising concert tour. Summer 2024

Child of the Heart Available now on Kindle and Amazon
Music Festival

We Are Arising Coming 2024

Musicians, Multi Media, Art, Dance, Consciousness, Medicine, Commitment, Social Justice, Energy, Entertainment, Prayer, Meditation, Activation, Great Vibes, Great Music and Great People. 

We Are Arising~ 

It's Time.

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Sunrise over Mountains
Ring The BellHeidi Little
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Heart Beat

I am a soul incarnated on earth to learn and integrate more love. A mother, a lover a friend. A songwriter, a singer, a warrior, a writer, a drector, a movement maker, in love with humanity and our natural world.

A lightworker. Defining my love, expansive and endless...always in the act of co creation.

We are together here on this beautiful earth. With our gifts, our uniqueness, our unity.

Sending out love, being grace, with each light footstep. 

This is an unstoppable movement.

It grows in the heart, and reaches each other.

We are powerful, and together we are strong.

We dance, listen, pray, meditate, hold the hope and love for our future generations nestled in our hearts. We gather in concert, online, in person. 

We are love in action.

I have seen the very worst and the very best of humanity.

My music was written in my challenges and my wisdom. To help me rise up and through.

May it do the same for you.

I love us. 


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Always on YouTube 

Omnipresent Media is a conscious Television Network. Omnipresent Media the Channel and Network is now streaming World Wide on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TVOS. Enjoy indigenous wisdom, conscious music, films, docs, comedy and more.  How To Save The World with Chief Looking Horse, International Children's Month Panels on peace and youth to power.  International Children's Month is JUNE. Get ready for more beautiful inspiring, uplifting content to be added. Coming soon Cultural Creatives TV!

Social Emotional Learning with Heidi Lit
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