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Timeless, Beautiful, Music and Truth 2024/2025

Heidi Little is going on tour.

111 million Trainers, 26 Conferances and 16 Concerts for 2024.

We call each other to more truth and love

We come together to co create a morning, an afternoon or an evening of beauty, and truth with either upkifting and inspirational 45-3 hour presentations, to 1.5-3 hour musical experience.

20 years after the beginning.

In support of her new autobiography/ethnography, pedagogy, and contribution to the conscious, health and wellness, educational, and humanitarian community. Enjoy a investigation/exploration and q and a with the pioneer in heart based social emotional learning. Learn embodiment tools and techniques that will set you free, and last a lifetime. Feel good again. 

We Are Arising Concert

2.5 hours of Heidi Little Music, interwoven with special guests, social emotional explorations, transformation, outstanding color, light and sound. 

I Was At The Arising: Tour mercy and tickets on sale in April! 

If not now when? If not me who? We are the change we wish to see in the world. #wearearising #heidilittle #oneloverising #musicalheidilittle 

Concert Crowd

I Was At The Arising!

Tickets on sale soon! 

Many grains of sand and many drops of water, make up a solid movement. 
Higher love, we are calling. 


Celebrating 20 years touring. 
Special Guests
Social Emotional Co creation
Great lighting and sound
Fabulous venues
Transformative and uplifting
Come to the Arising.


Child Of The Heart, How Do We Teach Self Love? 

2024 Book and Speaking Tour

After 30 years of hosting, presentations, Conferances, trainings, radio shows, podcasts, albums, symposiums, and stages across  the world and the internet Heidi Little is launching a full fledge North American, and European book tour. 

What would happen if we loved ourselves?

What would the world look like in 20 years if millions of people, came home to their hearts?

Heidi Little is set to find out.

Child of the Heart, by Heidi Little
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