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One Love Rising The Musical

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Social Emotional Learning and Project Based Learning along with breaking of the 4th wall, meet, in this new musical. Meet Aria Lightness, a starbeing who has descended to earth and finds her self and all the lifeforms set, in the lungs of the planet, on stage right the rainforest stage left, the coral.

Design, build, inspire, ignite, with this guide to a rock musical, complete with timeless rock/pop/ classics and a exploration and discovery into wildlife, and mother nature, ourselves and each ohther.

"One Love Rising the Musica, is a new type of exprential play for all ages."

For the guests, it is an experience through love, a journey of exploring imagination, the breaking of the 4th wall as we breathe together, imagine togehter and write the new story together. Experience our oneness, and uniqueness, what it feels like to be peaceful, and calm, connected and entertained. ith the power of music. Featuring dance, song, visualization, breathe work, imagination, and hearts.

For actors/directors/crew it is the opportunity to present a power house in theater and in life. For the education field it is an advancement into the work of social emotional learning. A 45 minute ride through one or one hundred performers and artists. Experience the new medicine wheel for our present and future generations, embodied dance practice, conscious social pop -acoustic rock and acapela music, supported and staged on messages to empower and uplift our present and future generations. The musical is availalbe in hard copy at PDF is coming to

SEL activities from the production are attached to the end of the play, both hard copy and pdf.

SEL practices designed by Heidi Little, M. Ed founder of The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning.

Created as the series Child of the Heart, How Do We Teach Self Love in Education? Performing arts in education, and love in action academy.

It's a journey and the time is ripe to explore!!

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