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California Cannonball~Super Driver Out Now! 
Heidi Little Essentials!

Heidi Little has been in the studio working on a full length studio album with a magical songwriter and singer named JT. The duo have formed a new band that is just dopping on Spotify, iTunes, Gogle Play and more.. The album is dynamic, rock, pop, with great hooks, catchy optimistic melodies/lyrics and harmonies. HL and JT are very happy with the out come. "We really hope it brings some positive vibes to people. We put alot into these songs. And we are looking forward to the new journey."


Heidi Little on Spotify

Beauty, Siren, Love, Lives.

There are no words. Click the link and experience the sounds that come from artist Heidi Little.

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Heidi Little and California Cannball


California Cannonball 
Super Driver

Great music.


Hear the 2021 Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse 26th Annual World Peace and Prayer Day on International Chidlren's Month Global Day of Action

June 21st, 2021


Heart Beat

International Joy Projects


Self Love, Social Emotional Learning, New Classes and Modules!

The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning is now certifying educators internationally, supporting individuals, families, communities, and internationally. 25 years working with the now published embodiment practices, tools and techniques. Created and developed by Heidi Little, M. Ed.

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Omnipresent Media A new Television Network dedicated to Conscious Media is out now!! Omnipresent Media the Channel and Network is now streaming World Wide on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TVOS. Enjoy indigenous wisdom, conscious music, films, docs, comedy and more. All New Social Emotional Learning Channel now added to ROKU Internatinally. Learn embodiment pracires, tools for healing, balance and resotration from some of the worlds finest SEL educators.  How To Save The World with Chief Looking Horse, International Children's Month Panels on peace and youth to power.  International Children's Month is JUNE. Get ready for more beautiful inspiring, uplifting content to be added. Coming soon Cultural Creatives TV!

Social Emotional Learning with Heidi Lit
How To Save The World with Chief Looking

The Facets of Heidi Little

One Love Rising

Fusing instrumental vocal talent, technical precision in songwriting, and masterful production, Heidi Little has produced a new Essential Record and and a NEW SINGLE ~ RIVERS. Alongside a book series titled CHILD OF THE HEART with 3 manuals/one philosophy book and one musical www.amazon.com/author/heidilittle, merged with a master's degree M. ED Advancements in Social Emotional Learning through the Performing Arts in Education /Designed and Directs~ The Center for Advancement in Social Emotional Learning www.selclasses.com, and 8 years as love in action for love international Children and Youth Advocacy and Support as Co founder/Director of International Children's Month/World www.internationalchildren.world

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International Children's Month/World


Re~Introducing Heidi Little

Stories in Sound And One Love Rising

Heidi Little is International award winning, Universal published entertainer, singer/songwriter, and performing artist. From Canada now calling the USA her home, Heidi is the Co founder/Director of International Children's Month/Internationalchildren. world, an event producer with her company Omnipresent Entertainment, and she has been behind every great social, humanitarian and environmental movement of the past two decades. Her songs supported Idle No More,  her efforts with the Paiute water keepers and HADO foundation anchored the movement of hundreds of water groups and protectors, her eco concert activism sparked a global consciousness and now movement with EMA (Eco Conscious Music Alliance) and her philanthropy and advocacy of children and youth has raised the levels of love, care and respect across the globe, as we transform into a WE based society. Fans and family love her unique sound and passionate and emotional live events. Heidi's "For Cause" and "Conscious music" and efforts/activism have paved the way and played an influential role in shaping conscious music as a genre, which has led to conscious festivals. Heidi Little's signature sound has reached millions. Now, as a well-respected Musician and producer/director Heidi aims to offer something different and unique to the fans by creating and sharing music, events, workshops, entertainment and original educational platforms. 

For some, music is just a way to let out a little bit of energy, but for Heidi Little it’s so much more than that– it’s a way of life. Browse the site to learn more about how you can collaborate. Peace, love, light and power to the peaceful. 


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"Despite the struggles and horrors on earth, I know that my light makes light of the world, to shine that light, and connect with others, that is the duty and the calling."

Heidi Little, M. ED